Who we are


Welcome to your full service heritage restoration company

Mend Restoration is a Victoria, British Columbia based full service restoration company.  Mend is part of the Szolyd Group of companies, which includes: Szolyd Development and Victoria Stone Design. Our team has been involved in a wide range of projects including commercial heritage restorations, complex precast art installations and large flooring contracts.  Some of our clients include, Mountain Equipment COOP, Harley Davidson, and the Nisgaa Museum.  We function as the general contractor, consultant, designer, mold builder, pre-caster and installer.  Using traditional methodologies only as a guideline, we are specialists in this field and constantly forge new paths.  There are no recipes, manuals, courses or specifications for the majority of work we create, we develop it in-house.

Mend works with architects, home owners, property managers, and developers to REnew, REstore, and REcreate.  Our goal is to bring value to our clients projects.  Mend strives to build a strong affiliation with good people of similar values, effective communication and exceptional skills.

Meet the team

Chris Shannon

Guild institute trained mason

Christopher Shannon is a trained heritage stonemason and specialty mold builder.  In 1996 Chris attended his first of three restoration programs at the Guild Institute of Stonemasonry and Restoration.  Christopher has worked on several designated heritage sites and is certified with Jahn Restoration Mortars, Masonre* systems* and Rotek Vortx micro-abrasive cleaning systems.  After a period in the masonry trade, Chris attended the Kootenay School of the Arts and Design, with an emphasis on metal fabrication.  Blacksmithing, pattern cast aluminum, and lost wax bronze casting were the basis for his specialty mold building and interests in furniture design.


Craig Shannon

Historical mason / consultant

Craig is a ticketed journeyman stone mason of 18 years.  He has worked in heavy industrial settings as a craftsman mason, and has extensive experience with concrete forming, placing and polishing.  Craig has been operations manager at Victoria Stone Design for the past 3 years.  He takes pride in his attention to detail and has a work ethic second-to-none.  Craig is trained in heritage restoration and is certified with Jahn Restoration Mortars, Masonre* systems* and Rotek Vortx micro-abrasive cleaning systems.


Nolan Mayrhofer

Sales and marketing

Nolan Mayrhofer is the founder of both Victoria Stone Design and Szolyd Development.  He is extremely passionate about concrete design and construction and brings over 18 year of experience to the table.  Nolan was polishing concrete floors in 2001, years before they were in vogue.  In 2002, he participated in the second Fu Tung Cheng concrete countertop course ever offered, this was his inspiration for Szolyd Development. He is responsible for business development, product design,  branding, marketing and estimating. Nolan liasons with Szolyd, Stone Design, and Mend to efficiently determine best practices, project feasibility and budget.


Michael Smurthwaite

Operation manager

Mike Smurthwaite is an owner/operator with Mend Restoration. He has been working with the Szolyd Development team since 2006 and has played a integral role in the growth of the company. After suffering a back injury in 2010 Mike returned to school to receive a diploma in business management and certification in organic master gardening. He has continued working with Szolyd and while helping found Mend Restoration.  Currently, he is running both the business and operational end of the company. Mike is slightly better at curling then Christopher Shannon partially due to the ten finger advantage.