New Life For Aged Surfaces

Preservation is paramount

Mend Restoration is committed to providing clean technology to preserve our history and natural environment.

The Rotec® Vortex process is the quintessential physical cleaning technology.  Designed with preservation in mind, the vortex nozzle projects a swirling vortex of micro fine material particles to gently lift away the accumulated years of dirt, in an environmentally safe manner, leaving the beauty and character of the original surface intact.

Cleaning and restoring the facades of historic buildings and monuments is a demanding task that can be achieved only when using top quality precision equipment.

The revolutionary rotec cleaning systems were developed specifically to meet the needs of cleaning contractors who value historic architecture and pride themselves in the quality of their restoration work.


Rotec  Questions & Facts

  • What does Mend use as an abrasive – Mend uses a specialized abrasive that is graded for hardness and size.  Most abrasive sands have variable grading, which cause inconsistent finishes.  Mend uses is special blasting media, crushed and graded to meet stringent standards for heritage restoration.
  • Is the blasting media detrimental to my health or the environment – Our blasting media is 100% inert and has no free silica which can cause silicosis via long term exposure.  As the process utilizes a fine misting of water, virtually all the dust is contained, creating a healthy working environment and leaving the site contaminent free.  Our goal is to avoid harsh chemicals, and limit dust born particulate caused by aggressive methods such as sand blasting.
  • Is dust control an issue with the Vortex – Dust Control is a  concern on all projects. With the Rotec Vortex we use a minimal amount of water (1-15 Gallons per hour) as a transport agent for the media.  Sandblasting contaminates the air, and working environment, coating everything in the vicinity.  With the vortex system, airborne particulate is kept to an absolute minimum.
  • How does the Rotec clean without causing damage – In sensitive areas such as mortar joints or brick skins, pressure washing and sandblasting is far to aggressive and can cause permanent damage.  A standard garden hose is 50psi, much less than our system or the 100 plus psi used with sandblasting equipment.  Mends technology relies on the scrubbing vortex motion rather than aggressive blasting.
  • Can the Vortex come to any site – The Vortex is a mobile unit that can be utilized in small spaces with difficult access without disrupting surrounding buildings, pedestrians or sculptures.  Our autonomous system can come to your site and clean your surfaces efficiently without disturbing anything in the vicinity.
  • Can you remove dangerous material such as lead paint abatement – Lead paint abatement is a tricky process.  There are many regulations in place to protect our health and well being.  When blasting and removing lead paint, the minimal water used with the vortex system controls dust, and traps the lead contaminants in the water vapour. This slurry mixture can then be wet vacuumed and safely disposed of in an appropriate manner.   Negative air systems are also utilized when working around materials such as lead.
  • Can you do standard pressure washing – pressure washing is a service that mend offers for general cleaning  and non historic applications.
  • Will the Vortex damage fine details – We use alternative blasting mediums such as dolomite and nut shells that are delicate enough to leave sculptors original tool marks.

Easy on surfaces and the environment

In this new age of environmental awareness, the techniques and technology used to preserve our historic structures must work in an environmentally sensitive manner.  Façade cleaning processes must not only be gentle on the surfaces being cleaned, but they must protect the environment, the applicator, the building occupants, and the general public. These multi-faceted requirements can make the job of cleaning a historic structure almost as monumental as the structure itself.  Physical surface cleaning technology is the method best able to meet the complex requirements for safe and conscientious, yet effective facade cleaning.

When the detrimental soiling to be removed is a surface problem rather than sub-surface, physical techniques can be used with great success. Atmospheric pollutants, encrustations, corrosion, paints or coatings can all be cleaned successfully without damage to the surface by the QUINTEK ROTEC® VORTEX system

  • Effective for surface restoration
  • Environmentally sensitive
  • Safe on historic building materials

Our services

  • REnew fire damage

    Heavy accumulations of soot often form during a fire. This accumulation contains many different kinds of harmful substances such as chlorides, furans, dioxins, and many others. These accumulations must be completely removed from the various surfaces because of their toxicity. The ROTEC® VORTEX Cleaning Process is extremely valuable in removing these toxicities and this method is preferred over other methods because of its thoroughness in cleaning and the low consumption of water.

  • REnew painted concrete stairs

    With our Rotec Vortex machine, arsenal of grinders, and high bond patching products we can REnew your painted, spalling concrete stairs, without the expense of jack hammering them out.

  • REnew our aging heritage buildings

    Our most prized heritage structures are falling into disrepair. Mends Guild Institute trained historic masons can help determine where to start with restoration.

  • REnew after getting tagged

    Power washing and chemical cleaners leave a halo in the shape of the previous graffiti. Our technology leaves the surface the way it looked prior to the graffiti.

Your Surface, Our Solution


 The vortex system specializes in cleaning natural stone such as sandstone, limestone, marble, granite and many others.  The  vast differences in stone composition means that severe demands are imposed on the cleaning process.  Natural stone often displays encrustation on its surface, resulting from the effects of the weather and the environment.  The vortex system can easily remove these contaminants without damaging the natural texture of the stone.

  • Stair and entrance way cleaning
  • Facade Cleaning
  • Stone wall Cleaning
  • Paint Removal
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Stone Sculpture Cleaning
  • Memorial Restoration


Mend is also proud to offer metal restoration services. Our micro abrasive system is capable of restoring all metals such as steel, copper, aluminum, brass, and bronze back to their original state.  If you have a metal restoration project that you are struggling with,  we will have a solution.  The rotec system has ability to get into corners and tight areas that are difficult and often inaccessible with traditional methods.  It can remove paint or rust damage from your classic car in the convenience of your driveway.

The mobility and the precision of the Rotec Vortex makes it a excellent choice for cleaning metal sculptures. Whether it is public art or in a cemetery setting, we can get it clean with our machinery without disturbing any of the adjacent materials or surfaces.


The Rotec Vortex has shown an amazing ability to remove pollutants, sealers and fire damage from wood surfaces.  Previous methods available were harmful and toxic strippers, manual sanding, or pressure washing which can severely damage the wood and leaves a uneven and streaky finish.  With the Vortex we can safely and efficiently clean the wood surface without any harmful chemicals or creating any dust.  From detailed carvings, to log homes we have a solution for your wood project.

  • Decks & fences
  • Cedar Siding
  • Log Homes & beams
  • Fire Damage & paraffin removal
  • Paint/ stain/ sun damage