REparing when replacing isn't possible


Our part in the preservation of historical buildings.

The 70’s and 80’s were a dark time for heritage buildings in Canada. Historical facades were not adequately protected, carvings and hand wrought stonework was destroyed and buried under hideous stucco coverings.  When removing these coverings and bringing back buildings to there original glory, often the terrra cotta, brick and natural stone has been damaged by fasteners, signage and years of deterioration.  Mend uses several different techniques for REstoring and patching deteriorated pieces.  We template on site and make custom screeds to match ornate detail when patching with our specialty mortars. Jahn Restoration Mortars are an approved historical material for re-building damaged masonry units.


Why we choose Cathedral Stones Jahn Products

Scientific advancesCathedral Stone has taken an approach to developing masonry restoration products unlike anyone in the industry. They are revolutionizing modern masonry materials to ensure they are compatible, safe to use, and prevent damage. In their laboratory they test effects and develop products with the aforementioned characteristics.
In alignment with their philosophy, they have removed harsh acids from their products (will not damage stone and safe for applicator) and manufactured mortars for compatibility based on substrate. Not only do they test mortar composition, they match it based on tensile strength to prevent failure.

Our products

Jahn mortars and grout

This single-component, cementitious, mineral-based mortar is designed for the restoration of natural stone such as limestone and sandstone.

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In situations too small or possibly too sensitive for the Rotec Vortex, we have a list of products that will suite any job

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Strippers and Removers

Mend capitalizes on 15 years of experience from our sister company Victoria Stone Design. If you are looking to bring your existing terrazzo or concrete floor back to life, we have the machinery and know how to get the job done right.

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Breathable coatings

Once we have completed a new construction or restoration job we can seal the stone to give it a protective and breathable coat while leaving the stone with a natural appearance.

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  • REstore & repoint mortar joints

    Repointing is the most common and important form of masonry repair. The mortar that holds all the masonry units (like brick, stone, or block) together is designed to crack or erode before the units themselves. Repointing seals the joints to prevent water penetration and protects the masonry units from damage.

  • REstore concrete decks

    Restore your existing concrete decks with our natural cleaning systems, Rotec Vortex machine or grinding techniques.

  • REstore terrazzo and concrete floors

    Mend capitalizes on 15 years of experience from our sister companies Victoria Stone Design, and Szolyd Development. If you are looking to bring your existing terrazzo or concrete floor back to life, we have the machinery and know how to get the job done right.

  • REstore ornate details with Jahn

    Our line of Jahn products have been used to restore ornate features on all kind of natural stones. It has been specified for the White House.

Our services



Patching & repointing

Patching REpointing and REbuilding

Using our extensive line of Cathedral Stone products and years of experience, we can assess your repair needs and provide you with the most appropriate path to restoration.  We use tried and true masonry practices and state of the art products.

Stone cleaning


Rotec Vortex & chemical solutions

Cleaning stone requires both mechanical and chemical methodologies. Hard and old stone such as granite can have pollutants that have penetrated so deep that a chemical stripper may be required to draw them out to the surface.  Mend offers effective and green solutions for these situations and smaller areas that don’t warrant the use of the Rotec system.


Paint removal & stripping

Environmental cleaners or mechanical

Again this is often an area where we would primarily use the Rotec Vortex but the products we have are a great tool for so many jobs. On small details ornamental pieces where access with the Vortex is virtually impossible these can be the solution. In small areas these products can be very cost effective.

Terrazzo & concrete


Terrazzo and concrete restoration

Mend capitalizes on 15 years of experience from our sister companies Victoria Stone Design, and Szolyd Development.  If you are looking to bring your existing terrazzo or concrete floor, planters, stairs or any other stone surface back to life,  we have the machinery and know how to get the job done right.


Coatings and sealers

Sealers 101

Mend understands the importance of letting stone breathe. Whenever possible we try to avoid coating natural materials with epoxies, elastomerics and urethanes.  We use water base sealers that penetrate the stone, leaving a natural appearance and protected surface.