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The Exchange, is the third heritage restoration project taken on by Mend Restoration / Szolyd. This follows in the footsteps of the Trapp + Holbrook project.

Mend Restoration has shipped off two batches of ductal pieces for the old Vancouver Stock Exchange building located at 475 Howe Street, Vancouver BC. With some of the units now installed, it is impossible to tell which are the original terra cotta blocks, and which are the ductal uhpc concrete. Mend is working with Maltesen Masonry to colour match the ductal blocks as close as possible to the original terra cotta.

The grey base ductal concrete, from Lafarge, is tinted with an integral pigment to create a base layer. Maltesen Masonry is then picking up the unsealed blocks and applying a sealed finish that replicates the original terra cotta. This faux glaze treatment is only a final step in the right direction, the raw pigmented ductal block on it’s own is hard to distinguish from the terra cotta.

vancouver stock exchange ductal

ductal integrally coloured next to the original terra cotta blocks

Manage, repair and improve Old Stock Exchange Building at 475 Howe Street. The latest manifestation of a sustainable office building is being proposed by global financial giant Credit Suisse, which is jumping in with a $200-million plan to build a structure that will vie to be among the world’s greenest.Among other things, the building at the corner of Howe and Pender — to be completed by 2015 — is targeted to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum and ‘Living Building’ certifications with cutting-edge features such as on-site waste water treatment and reuse, energy consumption at a rate about half that of similar towers, a high-efficiency heating and cooling system, storm water retention and reuse, and solar thermal panels.From The Vancouver Sun, September 26 2011

Source: Old Stock Exchange Building | Swiss Real Group


rendering of new building with old stock exchange building

stock exchange vancouver mend restoration

conceptual rendering of stock exchange vancouver bc

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