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Old Stock Exchange Building | Swiss Real Group

The Exchange, is the third heritage restoration project taken on by Mend Restoration / Szolyd. This follows in the footsteps of the Trapp + Holbrook project.  

Façade Restoration Update – Trapp + Holbrook

FAÇADE RESTORATION UPDATEWe’ve been busy at Trapp+Holbrook meticulously rebuilding the striking terracotta and brick façades to their original glory.  

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The St. Patricks Cathedral utilized the Rotec Vortex to clean the antique marble. This method was chosen because it is very gentle on the stone, and works with friction as well as minor abrasion (crushed glass) to clean the soft marble without harming it. Link to a restoration of the St Patrick Cathedral in New York City using the Rotec Vortex st.patricks_inside700X

Mend joins the Szolyd group of companies

Mend has officially been launched and joins Victoria Stone Design and Szolyd Development.  Our team continues to grow and we expand our reach into full heritage restoration, a perfect fit.


Hotel Rialto Restoration

The transformation of the Douglas Hotel into the Hotel Rialto is recognized as an important step in revitalizing Victoria’s downtown core. The original façade incorporated 11 columns in two sizes that were clad with white glazed terracotta tiles.  

New York City is cleaning its ancient Egyptian monument with lasers

A 69-foot, 3,500-year old granite obelisk has stood in New York City's Central Park for 130 years, and it's never, ever, been cleaned.  

Shannon brothers complete Jahn course.

Last month the Shannon brothers completed a week long training program in Baltimore for the Jahn certification program. These set of tools, add to Mends arsenal of techniques, products and knowledge base. jahn_craig_700

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